Integrated Business to Business Marketing – by Philip Allott


Due Summer 2021



Integrated Business to Business Marketing




The overall aim of the title Integrated Business to Business Marketing is to provide a practical hands-on structured marketing blueprint, that the average aspiring or already successful business reader can confidently use without needing to reinvent the wheel. At the end of each chapter is an action list and checklist allowing anyone, even those with a limited attention span, to deliver tangible results. The book is written relatively jargon free, as the author does not believe he needs to justify his own importance or try and make marketing for the average reader unnecessarily fraught.

Understanding what needs to be done to get good results, without spending a king’s ransom or burning the midnight oil to generate those sales, is at the very heart of what Integrated Business to Business Marketing is about. Whether the reader is an established enterprise or business start-up, Integrated Business to Business Marketing has been written to provide a marketing blueprint.

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to better understand the relationship between integrated marketing and business growth.  Presented in a conversational style, Business To Business Marketing is both inclusive and engaging.Mark Winter, President, Identity, Bingham Farms, MI 48025, US

Integrated Business to Business Marketing is broken into a series of interlinked chapters which inform the reader with the actions and effort needed. Where possible a recognised and motivational quote is provided at the start of each chapter.

At the centre of the book is a perpetual marketing wheel. This has been pioneered by the author and is a key part of the book’s promotional philosophy, based on structured marketing. In a nutshell the case study that was written and issued last month becomes the Twitter and Facebook feed, enewsletter content and the basis of the targeted email shot to similar prospective customers. 

Integrated marketing involves firstly, identifying appropriate companies to target and then making the different promotional components work together rather than in isolation.

The book is predominantly aimed at SME firms, which represent over 98% of all companies in the US, Canada, UK and Australia, who wish to promote products or services to other businesses or want to understand how to do so.

“Integrated Business To Business Marketing is such an easy read, no jargon to try and understand, gives a very detailed but understanding of the market place, not only here but across many marketing countries. No matter what size of business, this is very insightful, very engaging and something I will share with my colleagues. A great step to step to be used across all businesses in a very well explained and easy format, you can’t but grow your business.” Brenda Smith, Business Development Executive, Mondelez UK Limited


In the history of the world there have never been as many different marketing channels with which to communicate a promotional message as there are today. Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, enewsletters, direct mail, phone canvassing, websites and public relations may be the most obvious choices, but what about permission marketing, website retargeting through LinkedIn, digital advertising and newly emerging digital technologies like user traceable cookies?

In an advanced digital era, with data available on almost everyone and everything, knowing how to bring these different technologies together into a cost-effective integrated marketing strategy that works to create new business sales is paramount to the success of any firm.

This book builds on the author’s thirty years’ experience of successfully implementing marketing programmes in the UK, mainland Europe, the US, Canada, South Africa and Australia.




“With his book Integrated Business To Business Marketing, the author, Philip Allott, has succeeded in creating an all-round hit in marketing and advertising for the B2B sector in the digital age. From multi-channel marketing to classic PR instruments and qualified lead generation, everything is included. It is thus aimed particularly at small and medium-sized companies. So these are well equipped for topics such as data analysis, SEO optimisation, cookies etc. Therefore, they can achieve the highest level of success with “marketing from a single source” – i.e. with a consistent appearance across all formats, channels and media. The cost aspect of marketing is not neglected either. In addition, easy-to-understand explanations, practical examples as well as concrete tips and checklists that can be implemented directly in the day-to-day running of the company can be found on all topics. The summaries at the end of each chapter ensure a lasting learning effect. This book should not be missing in any office of a B2B marketer.” Dr. Venera D’Elia, Head of Business Development, Möller Horcher Kommunikation, Germany

About Philip Allott

The author has been involved in business to business sales and marketing since the age of 21, enabling him to build on over 39 years of real experience. In his previous employment he helped launch the Amstrad range of microcomputers into UK businesses and was directly involved in subsequently introducing Schneider Computers to the UK. In 1993 following Black Wednesday, he established his own marketing agency, Allott and Associates Ltd.

Allott and Associates Ltd, with offices in London and Yorkshire, is a leading niche provider of business-to-business marketing services to companies based in the US, Canada, Australia mainland Europe and the UK. Through work undertaken for numerous clients Philip has been instrumental in delivering successful marketing programmes for a cross-section of companies ranging from SMEs to PLCs.

Philip’s work on numerous PR and marketing projects has equipped him with a deep understand of how to cost effectively deliver successful outcomes, knowledge which he has subsequently used to write this book.

Whilst establishing his marketing agency, Philip also took a law degree in Leeds. His dissertation is at the heart of the Brexit changes taking place in the UK at the moment.

A former regional chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management, he is the author of numerous business marketing reports, papers, media material and is also the published author of The Donkeyman, a gripping book about the life and times of his father.


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