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Allott and Associates’ public relations service delivers targeted, highly focused press releases (PR) to ensure maximum publicity for your products or service and to build your company’s reputation with existing and potential clients.

With access to more than 12,500 UK digital and print publications, a further 13,000 in Europe and many others worldwide, Allott and Associates can accurately target magazines unique to your industry with professionally written editorial that will help establish your business as a market leader.

Content will be developed and written by Allott and Associates following either a telephone interview or onsite visit. As a starting point the agency will try and build a storyboard around recent business developments.

Professionally written feature articles or feature stories are four times more likely to be read than a comparable advert and cost substantially less. This type of editorial coverage will make your business stand out from the crowd, help search engine optimisation and is often a rich source of new sales leads.

Feature articles are a great way of conveying an in-depth process or service, delivering industry views or expanding on a new product or development and will on completion typically comprise one or two full pages of printed or equivalent online editorial.

This level of media exposure is highly cost effective and a successful way of getting across a message in a highly competitive or niche market place and is often a rich source of new sales leads. In fact Allott and Associates is so confident that it even gives a publicity guarantee.

A lot of the features now written by Allott and Associates are used for multi-platform digital distribution. This means that the feature that was published last week can be used as a feed for Twitter, highlighted on Facebook and used as content for the next e-newsletter.

Case studies are an ideal way of informing potential customers about the capabilities and successes of your business. When printed and posted on-line, a case study could be read by thousands or even millions of interested readers. This level of exposure through a single case study will not only create confidence but should also generate new work for your company.

Typical case studies can include highlighting recent installations or contract successes, demonstrating a particular skill set or relationship with a well known firm.

Allott and Associates takes ownership of the entire interview and drafting process. After interviewing you, we’ll progress to interviewing your customer and will obviously encourage them to say nice things. After your approval Allott and Associates will chase to get your customer’s approval. Only after all parties are satisfied and have signed off the case study will it be circulated. As part of the process Allott and Associates can arrange on-site photography and if applicable supporting YouTube filming.

A customer-endorsed case study sends out a very powerful marketing message and can also be included in future corporate literature including e-newsletters, social media, website content and as online blogging material. Unlike an advert the content from a case study can often be used for many years to come.

In fact Allott and Associates is so confident of subsequently getting your case study great media coverage that we’ll even include a publicity guarantee.

A successful product launch or new service promotion involves a systematic process and consists of substantial pre-planning, pre-event publicity and great event management.

In these fast moving times potential customers need to read about it and then be reminded from multiple sources. Therefore to be effective a new product launch or service launch needs an on-going campaign over a period of weeks and preferably months.

The agency has experience of undertaking a cross-section of B2B product and service launches covering a multitude of different industries, with and without a formal culminating launch event.

Whether it is event promotion, planning, lead generation, getting attendees to a formal launch or total project management, Allott and Associates has the experience and capacity to deliver.

Why not let Allott and Associates do the groundwork and turn your new product or service into a profitable success? In effect you take the glory and Allott and Associates takes the strain.

The agency works in synergy with numerous editors and journalists and, through providing attractive and informative editorial, ensures that clients remain in the headlines. By representing clients to the media, Allott and Associates also makes sure that their opinions on current industry issues are properly represented.

Allott and Associates maintains strong media relations with a cross-section of technical and industry journals, which are published in traditional print and online. This close working association with editors often enables Allott and Associates to ghost-write material on behalf of clients that subsequently appears as part of the main body of the publication.

The agency is also highly experienced in arranging editorial site visits in order to show off a client’s capability and vision. This includes managing the itinerary, presentation and travel arrangements and ensuring that a large cross-section of relevant editors and journalists attend and that maximum media coverage results.

A significant proportion of Allott and Associates’ work now involves digital content and using editorial copy that has already been published on additional digital publishing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and for sending to customers and prospects as an e-newsletter.

Where required client crisis management support is offered to a client during a major challenge to secure in advance a sympathetic media ear.

An unexpected crisis such as a fire, pollution problems, damage to stock, staff injury or even an IT failure can generate unwanted adverse publicity at the very time the management of a business is least able to handle it.

To prepare for the unknown, Allott and Associates helps clients produce in advance a media crisis management plan. Part of this work also involves putting together a quick message to reassure key customers to minimise the possibility of losing them.

In addition to the basics such as who will speak to the media and field telephone calls, the agency will after drafting the crisis management plan also help test it through a simulated crisis management event.

Don’t leave your crisis management until it happens, take pre-planning action now.

Allott and Associates offers a comprehensive range of exhibition services including exhibition support, stand design, production of graphic pop up display stands and project management of larger stand construction projects.

Graphic exhibition options range from single A1 foam-board displays, or roller banners to 50 metre stands. A full graphics support package means that we can quickly translate your verbal instructions into stunning exciting visual images that will ensure that your exhibition stand is a real showstopper.

The key to a successful exhibition is to plan early and then to implement the plan. Allott and Associates has been providing exhibition support for many years. This experience enables clients to outsource their show requirements in the confident knowledge that Allott and Associates will deliver.

PR and Marketing Exhibitions

As part of our exhibition support service, Allott and Associates can also provide digital press packs, prepare pre-show press releases, provide on-stand support and arrange for members of the media to visit your stand.


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