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Messages for digital and social media services have to be uniquely crafted not to talk to people, but to talk with them. Online content needs to invite potential clients to converse with the company, and if they do, the overall objective is to keep the conversation going.

Allott and Associates social media services is all about reaching out to people using the latest supporting digital tools designed to reach those who have ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles and often can’t be reached through other marketing methods.

Social media is a great way to reinforce traditional PR messages by creating backlinks to existing published online editorial stories and also for releasing time sensitive news stories to an even bigger audience.

Working with a cross-section of clients, Allott and Associates is one of the few agencies offering a dedicated business-to-business and business-to-consumer range of social media services.

Allott and Associates assists its clients to develop a social media programme using its in-house team of specialists who painstakingly look for appropriate client followers, reply on behalf of clients and release with the help of advanced software, regularly updated, compelling and informative material.

Allott and Associates offers a range of e-marketing solutions ranging from standalone packages to fully integrated activities over a number of different IT platforms.

To achieve great results the agency operates a number of servers and has developed its own range of e-newsletter and e-blast software which meets all the latest technical requirements. When tested against standard competing cloud based solutions, the Allott and Associates system has demonstrated a much higher inbox delivery rate.

At Allott and Associates we subscribe to the fact that e-marketing is a very effective method of starting a dialogue with potential customers, provided the correct contacts are targeted at the onset of the campaign. Therefore not only does the agency offer e-marketing data and e-marketing services, but also a telephone contact verification and optional post-delivery follow-up service.

To take out the hassle of e-marketing, Allott and Associates manages the entire process from database sourcing and manipulation through to template design, text drafting, circulation, tracking and campaign reporting.

Attention to detail is at the core of what the agency does. Continuous testing, tracking and targeting enables Allott and Associates to provide a cost effective digital marketing solution that will drive web traffic, increase company and brand awareness and ultimately improve sales.

Unlike many competing solutions, e-marketing from Allott and Associates is managed by a competent account handler who takes ownership for the promotional programme and ultimate delivery.

If you would like a device responsive e-marketing campaign to just give your marketing activities a boost or use as a starting point to break into new markets, why not let Allott and Associates provide a marketing quotation?

First impressions count and a professional looking website gives your business the opportunity to make a head start on the competition. Allott and Associates offers a range of website building services including new builds, upgrades, website facelifts, maintenance and SEO – search engine optimisation.

A creative, informative website gives your organisation increased credibility and demonstrates that you value your business enough to make that investment. Click any of the links below for examples of our recent work.

Our all inclusive service includes text writing, design, website building, hosting and SEO optimisation. Why not get a website building quote from Allott and Associates? It may be far more competitive than you think.

Have an older website that doesn’t display properly on iPads and other handheld devices? Why not let Allott and Associates convert it to WordPress? Contact us now for further details and a competitive price.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO involves making a website search engine friendly to ensure that your website gets the page ranking it deserves.

SEO and link building technology continue to evolve as do the strategies needed to gain, and as importantly, maintain a good ranking. Unlike some other providers, Allott and Associates works with Google rather than trying to find quick fix solutions which eventually get closed down.

The overall aim is to move the website up the search engine results pages (SERPs) by making it easier for different search engines like Google to find, understand, rank and index. SEO projects can be split into two distinct categories: website changes (on-page) and off-page website promotion to improve the overall search engine optimisation efforts.

Allott and Associates’ onsite SEO marketing website work includes checking for critical errors, adjusting the meta tags including titles, keywords and meta descriptions, optimising the content, correctly tagging images, checking for duplicate content and most importantly optimising the pre-agreed key words. Off-site work includes promotional work via adding external links and backlinks, directory submissions, social media marketing and press release promotion.

All websites are different and a good starting point is to identify two or three competitors who have a high ranking. The Allott and Associates team will then evaluate and provide a report on what changes are needed for your site to compete.

Ultimately, website content should connect with the influencers in your industry sector. It should be shareable by your customers and even your competitors. As importantly, it needs to appeal to your industry in order to broaden your company’s outreach.

At the start of any SEO marketing work Allott and Associates will, after reviewing your top three competitors, make recommendations in consultation with you concerning the main keywords, target audience and then prepare a SEO promotional plan.

Where necessary Allott and Associates will build backlinks and rewrite content so that your website has the highest possible search engine ranking.

The use of digital footage to support marketing campaigns has increased significantly over the last few years and having regular video production is becoming a business to business required norm. At Allott and Associates we have developed a number of solutions to meet the needs of clients who often have budget constraints but still require great results.

Clients can choose an assortment of different options from low cost YouTube HD solutions to fully scripted high resolution corporate videos.

As a marketing agency, Allott and Associates also understands more than most the importance of delivering clear and concise messages, with good attention to detail.

Using pre-event planning with or without supporting scripting, Allott and Associates can produce creative and informative digital film footage, for YouTube, corporate DVDs, phone applications, websites and even television to help clients showcase their services and reel in new business. Video production is also extremely useful to showcase products, services, offices and more importantly you. Digital footage is ideal for demonstrating often-complex industrial processes in a matter of seconds.

At Allott and Associates you can be assured that the agency will manage the entire process from storyboard to finished footage and can subsequently provide the complete video production in a format suitable for almost every platform from smart phone to television.


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