GDPR Compliance

UK GDPR Data Protection Compliance

Do you need the support of a data protection officer (DPO)?

Maybe you have an ongoing legal requirement for UK GDPR data protection compliance or just need occasional help with getting your procedures and documentation in place. Whatever the scenario, why not outsource your requirements to Allott and Associates.

Allott and Associates can guide your business, or organisation, through its data protection obligations, provide GAP analysis and provide ongoing data protection monitoring to ensure you stay legal and compliant.

Supporting services include Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), ongoing data protection guidance, resolving data protection related legal issues and acting as the interface with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Support can be provided remotely or onsite depending on the project and budget. For a free, confidential no obligations discussion and quote, please contact Allott and Associates.

Need bespoke data protection training for your business?

Allott and Associates can offer a variety of bespoke training options including webinars, at your premises, breakfast seminars, half day and full day courses or training to cover specific aspects of data protection and the updated UK GDPR. Suitable for groups of three or more people, please contact Allott and Associates for more details.

Do I need UK GDPR Support?

GDPR, which stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, came into force in May 2018 and was renamed in January 2021 to UK GDPR. UK GDPR affects virtually all businesses and trade associations large and small including schools, the health service, and the public sector and even charities.

UK GDPR, which largely mirrors the EU GDPR has a number of differences, the biggest is the territorial reach, which means that if you process data in the UK for anyone, whether they are based in the UK, EU or anywhere else in the World, the data subjects all have the same legal rights and remedies. 

UK GDPR affects nearly every aspect of business from personal records to accounting and marketing. Failure to adhere to the rules will result in fines of up to around £18 million or 4% of worldwide turnover, whichever is greatest. Despite significant publicity some businesses still don’t understand the legislation and are therefore not correctly complying.

Businesses also need to ensure that they have the right procedures in place to detect, report, investigate and if necessary report to the ICO any personal data breaches.

If you think this is challenging, your business should also consider whether it should formally designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and if your organisation sells within the EU to consumers and/or processes the personal data of EU subjects, you will also need to designate an EU representative. 

If this all sounds very complicated, you should strongly consider seeking external professional guidance from someone like Allott and Associates.

GDPR Audits

Allott and Associates is already working with businesses, both SMEs and much larger bodies, to help them with UK GDPR compliance, training and GAP analysis audits to make the changes needed to stay lawful. Allott and Associates helps clients identify their new legal obligations through onsite audits and then provides the guidance needed where in-house policies need changing.

The audit takes one day pre-prep, one day onsite and one day preparing the written report with a subsequent follow-up meeting completed by a GDPR qualified Practitioner. Following implementation of the changes needed, an optional further mini audit can take place to check that everything has been implemented.

Having the peace of mind to know that your business or organisation has made the changes necessary is worth its weight in gold.

UK GDPR Privacy Notices

As a result of UK GDPR most existing privacy notices or privacy policies will need updating to include more information concerning how data is managed and processed. Remember, anyone whether they are the data controller or data processor are treated as jointly and severally liable if there is a breach of personal data. Privacy policies will also need to acknowledge all the rights granted to data subjects and the processes for handling these. Understanding the law and how to apply it is critical to getting it right.

If you need help with drafting or amending your company’s privacy notice please talk to Allott and Associates because the agency has UK GDPR drafting experience ranging from plcs and charities to SMEs, and would be delighted to provide a quotation.

UK GDPR Services

All work is completed in-house by a qualified GDPR practitioner who also has a law degree, so rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Data in the post-Brexit era

In the UK businesses are not only required to comply with UK GDPR but also the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy and Electronics Communication Regulations (PECR).

In a nutshell, UK data protection legislation has a wider scope than EU GDPR but as long as your business was compliant under GDPR it should still be able to share data with EU counterparts providing the UK is granted adequacy, pending a ruling, personal data sharing can continue as previously.

Ultimately, businesses in the UK and wider EU have GDPR to thank for encouraging better data handling practices such as greater transparency and more data subject rights – although businesses and other organisations may not always see it that way!

For more information and further guidance or a bespoke quotation for all or any of the UK GDPR or EU GDPR services outlined, please call Allott and Associates today on 01423 867264 or 0207 257 2017. Alternatively, download our brochure here.

“Allott and Associates provided CCS with first-class guidance and training when we were preparing for the GDPR. Philip’s insights and suggestions helped us focus on the real matters that needed to be addressed, and also dispelled many of the ‘GDPR myths’! We would highly recommend their services.”

Guy Phoenix

CCS 2000 Ltd

“I would like to say, the course was very professionally delivered and very informative. Your delivery was excellent and certainly, for me, it was pitched ‘just right’! I would have no hesitation in recommending Allott and Associates to any of my colleagues and I hope that we can work together in the future.

Mrs Debbie Turner M.A.M.S

Turner-Medical Practice Management


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