June 25, 2021

What is B2B PR?


A question that many companies ask is what is B2B PR and, perhaps more importantly, what is the benefit of B2B PR for my business?

What is B2B PR?

In a nutshell, B2B PR is a specialism that helps businesses to sell their products and services to other businesses – not to the public.

B2B PR experts do this by working with a business to promote its brand, products and services, manage its reputation, and make it visible, credible and valued.

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Why does my company need PR?

Every company needs PR. It’s what helps to create, maintain and promote positive perceptions about you with your target audiences, markets, customers and stakeholders, and keeps you front of mind.


What are B2B PR services?

Companies can manage their public relations in-house, but there are many advantages to outsourcing your PR to B2B PR agencies, which many successful B2B brands do. Why? Because PR consultancies use their vast media networks, influence, buying power, sector expertise, writing skills, media savvy and knowledge to build interest in your brand through press releases, storytelling, thought leadership, case studies, testimonials, trade articles, video, social media, advertising and more.

People’s perceptions about you is your reputation and so all of these things are carefully crafted to influence people’s perceptions so that they are positive and memorable.

B2B businesses know that a positive perception is business currency. Good PR and and a positive reputation = goodwill, new and loyal customers as well as happy employees and stakeholders.

This is the value of good PR.

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What’s the benefit of B2B PR for my business?

A good B2B PR agency will help you to sell, grow and prosper, by:


What’s the difference between B2B PR and B2C PR?

B2B PR is business to business. B2C is business to consumer.

They both have the same principles – managing brand reputation – but with different audiences.

Allott and Associates specialises in B2B PR in the following sectors:


We have almost three decades of experience delivering award-winning PR projects for companies in these sectors. And our team has more than 120 years’ combined experience in PR, digital and print marketing, reputation management, social media, SEO and marketing strategy and consultancy.

Our experts have a deep understanding not only of these sectors, but the challenges and issues companies operating in the face, the opportunities for growth and influence and how to promote brands, products and services to their target audiences.


What B2B PR services does Allott and Associates provide?


What should you expect from your B2B PR agency?

A clear plan – setting out what your agency is going to do to help you achieve your goals.

Proactive engagement – actions to deliver on that plan and proactively working with you to develop and flex that plan.

Plenty of action – your PR agency should have a tried and tested approach for generating your PR – actions that are both creative and adaptable. And they should try new things with you too.

Accountability – taking ownership of the partnership you’re in and responsibility for measuring impact and results.


How do you know if you’ve hired the right B2B PR agency?


What are the benefits of outsourcing your B2B PR?

There are several benefits to outsourcing:


At Allott and Associates we are passionate about B2B PR and helping companies to grow and prosper. We understand your challenges and goals and work hard to get you recognised for all the right reasons.


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